Cause Marketing encompasses a wide variety of commercial activity that aligns a company or brand with a cause to generate business and societal benefits.

One For You, One For Me, All for Good!

It’s that special time of year, so hooray for the holidays! I love walking around town, seeing all the bright lights, hearing all the wonderful songs and those amazing volunteers collecting change to help make a difference in someone’s life. But what do you do when you’re all out of change? Fear not! We at The CM Paradigm have found an amazing way for you to cross off your shopping list and give back at the same time. How, you may ask? One-for-one! A one-for-one company is a whole new breed of company that doesn’t just participate in Cause Marketing (CM), it’s written right into their business plan! To summarize briefly, when you buy one of their products, they donate one, too. One of the most popular and most successful examples of a one-for-one company is Toms shoes (TOMS).


TOMS was launched by world traveler and awesome dude Blake Mycoskie, who visited children in South America and realized that the kiddos didn’t have shoes to protect their feet. He developed TOMS’ amazing business plan that allowed people to buy a comfortable and functional shoe for a great price, which would in-turn allow TOMS to donate a shoe to the needy—hence, one-for-one! In 2011, TOMS expanded their endeavor to also include glasses for kiddos around the world. Since they began, TOMS has donated 10 million shoes and over 150,000 glasses to those in need. TOMS has given rise to a movement where consumers enjoy their shoes, and also truly enjoy giving back. In addition to donating shoes directly to children in need, TOMS also partners with non-profit heavyweights such as the African Outreach Project, Charity Water, Movember, and the Eastern Congo Initiative.


Another personal favorite one-for-one company is The One World Football Project. Now, I know that in the US it’s called soccer, but I think everyone around the world can agree that whatever it’s called, it’s super fun! One childhood story that is similar no matter where you go is the image of a child kicking a ball around the neighborhood. Even if a child doesn’t have a ball to kick, a can or box can sometimes be a substitute. But now, thanks to The One World Football Project, more and more kids are getting a hold of a super spiffy ball that is nearly indestructible. The ball does not require regular air pumping and doesn’t go flat. And for every ball you order, a child in one of 160 countries gets a ball of their very own. According to The One World Football Project website, their mission is to “deliver balls to disadvantaged communities where play and sport are used to foster social change.” Children playing around the world—that’s a wonderful holiday image.


How about some sunglasses as a holiday gift? How about some sunglasses that help save the sight of three people and the environment? Magic, huh? Well then, Solo Eyewear is magical. They not only help you save your eyesight with the use of sunglasses, but Solo will donate a pair of glasses for every purchase, PLUS the company also provides funds for cataract surgery for a person in need. Not to mention the fact that the Solo Eyewear line is made from recycled bamboo—stylish! Solo Eyewear started out as a dream of a young entrepreneur, Jenny, who saw a need for helping people all around the world with vision problems. Since launching in 2011, Solo has restored vision for 9,000+ people in over 19 countries, and they are just getting started. Help them help more people, and cross one more gift off your shopping list!


Okay, let’s say that the people on your shopping list don’t need sunglasses, footballs, or shoes. What do you do! Well, as a girl I can confirm that everyone needs jewelry, and the world most certainly needs at least ten more trees. You can take care of both with Love Heals. Love Heals will donate ten trees for every piece of jewelry purchased through their website. The company itself is a family-run small jewelry company out of California. The owner, Adriana, was a refugee from a military dictatorship who found love in making jewelry. Selflessly, she went a step further and decided to help give back through Love Heals, which to date has donated over 1 million trees to Ethiopia through Trees For The Future. Beautifying people and the planet? Amazing.


During the holiday season, The CM Paradigm suggests that you show your loved ones the impact of their gift. When you purchase one of the above products, be sure to include a little note about the good that the gift does for the world. Or just print out this article, we don’t mind!

We hope that this article helped you check off at least one gift from your shopping list, but if you’re ever at a lost for what to buy, check out our previous articles or reach out to us directly. We’d love to help you find gifts that also do good for people around the world. Plus, we’re super fun to talk to (our moms said so, so it must be true). Happy holidays!

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