Cause Marketing encompasses a wide variety of commercial activity that aligns a company or brand with a cause to generate business and societal benefits.

CM at Non-Profits

One For You, One For Me, All for Good!

3 December 2013

It’s that special time of year, so hooray for the holidays! I love walking around town, seeing all the bright lights, hearing all the wonderful songs and those amazing volunteers collecting change to help make a difference in someone’s life. But what do you do when you’re all out of change? Fear not! We at […]

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

16 October 2013

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Just the name evokes images of pink ribbons, and to marketers it essentially equals Cause Marketing (CM). In 1982, Nancy Brinker founded of Susan G. Komen Foundation in honor of her late sister, who lost her battle with Breast Cancer. I couldn’t even begin to retell the deeply […]

October Is PINK & Confusing!

7 October 2013

It is officially October (drum roll please), let the Cause Marketing (CM) begin! If there was a national month for CM, October would be it. Why, you may ask? CM owes a lot to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and all their amazing work. It would never do them enough justice to simply […]


18 September 2013

Amazement isn’t something that comes around every day, but it is something that can sometimes sneak up on you. Take, for example, how far we have come as a society in our treatment of AIDS/HIV. The world is now not only more aware of the illness, but we have also banded together to help find […]

We Remember

11 September 2013

Today has many memories for everyone in the US. Ask anyone about September 11th, and they can tell you exactly where they were and how they felt in 2001. Although we all have memories of this day, there is a group of people that will never be able to fully move on because they were […]

Stand Up To Cancer and #DoGood

21 August 2013

There are a special few things that most everyone can agree on, and the fact that cancer is awful is definitely one of those things. There are thousands of people in the US battling with cancer every single day. Our CM Paradigm family has also been ravaged by this terrible illness, so we not only […]

Virgin helps Free the Children

31 July 2013

As kids, many of us enjoyed all the fun things that come with childhood: riding a bike, playing outside, school, camp, and the simplicity in just being a kid. Most of us were fortunate enough to just enjoy the carefree life of being a kid, but many children around the world do not have that […]

Truly Celebrating Independence

1 July 2013

When most of us in the US think of the Fourth of July, we think of BBQs, fireworks, friends and family. Most of us have wonderful memories of these neighborhood events, but how many of us thought of our boys and girls in uniform? Well, thanks to Cause Marketing (CM), I think it is safe […]

The Cause Marketing Hunger

5 June 2013

June 5 is National Hunger Awareness Day, and although not often published there are families in the US facing hunger every day. How can we help? What can we do for these families?   Lucky for us, Cause Marketing (CM) can help us ban together and help our neighbors! Feeding America is a wonderful non-profit organization […]

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkison’s Research

22 May 2013

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and if you think you don’t know anyone affected by Parkinson’s then think again. Michael J. Fox has been making movie and TV history since he was 15, and his work on series like Back to the Future has been among the most recognized trilogies of all time. If your […]

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