Cause Marketing encompasses a wide variety of commercial activity that aligns a company or brand with a cause to generate business and societal benefits.

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Nickles for Non-Profits!

3 October 2013

In the last few years, you’ve probably seen a bunch of super cute reusable canvas grocery bags pop up everywhere! They help save the environment by cutting down on waste, they have much better handles for carrying those canned goods, and now they help non-profits, too! Every time you bring in your own bags to […]

Jawbone UP to Help Kids Stay Fit

25 September 2013

If you’re wondering how you can celebrate National Women’s Health & Fitness Day on 25 September (or World Heart Day – 30 September), you need to look no further than Jawbone and their UP band, which is a super stylist pedometer. The Jawbone UP band would be the perfect blend of fitness and health for […]

Chili’s Helps St. Jude’s & You Can TOO!

22 September 2013

Here at The CM Paradigm, we love to give you fun ideas for how to enjoy your day, treat your loved ones, and buy fun things all while giving back. Our goal is to help you find a Cause Marketing (CM) campaign for almost every day, and to encourage you to be on the lookout, […]

Chicago Pizza Has My Heart

20 September 2013

There are few things that I love more than Cause Marketing (CM), but pizza is definitely on the “love” list, and what could be better than a pizza/CM combo? Why, a pizza/CM combo from Chicago, of course! Now, we all know that Chicago pizza is legendary, and if you’re craving a piece of that amazing […]

What A LUSH!

16 September 2013

Ever thought to yourself, wow, I would love to have an amazing bath line that’s good for the environment AND gives back? Well, then you would love, Love, LOVE LUSH! Their product line is amazing, and now you can feel extra good about getting yourself a little something for an evening of at-home pampering. Next […]

Target FEED – CM in Action

13 September 2013

Remember our FEED USA article? If not check it out: Well, in case you were looking to pick up some FEED USA gear at your local Target, make sure to look up for the FEED USA sign. It will lead you straight to some Cause Marketing (CM) action, and check the in-store ads, which […]

True Beauty at Clinique

29 August 2013

 Although many Cause Marketing (CM) campaigns are short-term promotional events, there are some extra wonderful ones that last all year. For example, this Clinique Happy Hearts campaign! The CM Paradigm featured this campaign back in February during our Happy Hearts month, and here we are in August with an email from Clinique reminding us to […]

True Beauty at Estee Lauder

27 August 2013

I’m sure all the ladies out there know that every now and then you need a little something special, especially moms, who are super busy getting their families ready to go back to school. Don’t you think they deserve a little something extra to boost their day? Well, what better, what more luxurious a gift, […]

Friends and Bracelets

1 August 2013

Did you ever think, wow this eight hour flight gives me no opportunity to give back? Virgin Atlantic has you covered! This summer during an international flight, we were able to sit back with a movie and some Cause Marketing (CM) action! If you purchase this adorable strand of beads called the Rafiki Friend Chain, […]

The CM Paradigm International Edition – The Wolseley

30 July 2013

If you’re ever in London, we have a great recommendation for you to stop for afternoon tea, or maybe a place for you to send your loved ones a little note letting them know you’re thinking of them. At the Wolseley, you can do both and help those with Leukemia. When you purchase a Wolseley […]

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